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Last Updated: October 2023


Intended Audience: All Paper users

Context: The Teacher View and School View function as "one-stop shops" for accessing packets for generating and printing packets, confirming scanning completion, and accessing student work in Paper.


[VIDEO] 2.1 Navigating Student Work

[Note for 2023-24: Although the display of some information on the Teacher and School Views have been updated since this video was created, the overall navigation and information available is the same. Screenshots of the updated views are shown below this video.]

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The Teacher View & School View:

If you are the teacher of record for a course, when you log in to Paper you will automatically land on the "Teacher View" for yourself, which includes all of the packets for the curriculum you teach.

  • If you want to view packets/student work for a course under another teacher's name, use the teacher name dropdown to select that teacher.
  • If you/the teacher teaches more than one curriculum, you can switch between curricula in the dropdown menu where the curriculum name is displayed.



All users can also access the "School View," where a list of all assessments in a single round (e.g., all IA1s, all quizzes in Week 4) are displayed together, with scanning and scoring status and links to view student work.

  • The School View also includes a button for generating PDFs for printing. View this article for more details on generating and printing PDFs for an entire assessment round, and refer to any other organizational or regional guidelines to find out who is responsible for assessment printing.

Screenshot 2023-08-23 at 1.37.10 PM.png


Interpreting scanning and scoring status:

Scanning and scoring status are displayed on the right hand columns of the Teacher and School Views.

Screenshot 2023-08-23 at 12.45.29 PM.png

  • The scan status column reflects the number of printed packets that have been scanned into Ponder Paper. Completed scans are displayed in gray, partial scans (i.e., some pages of the packet have been scanned, other pages have not) in yellow and pink, and missing scans in red.

Screenshot 2023-08-23 at 1.19.09 PM.png

  • The score status column reflects the number of students whose Illuminate responses (including all scored OERs) have been entered into Illuminate and pulled from Illuminate into Paper.
    • Data from Illuminate is refreshed twice per day (currently at 9am & 5pm Eastern).
    • If scores are missing from Paper but appear in Illuminate, data will most likely appear in Paper after the next Illuminate refresh. You'll find the refresh schedule in the "external data" section of the "Ponder Paper" dropdown menu in the top left corner of all views.

main menu.pngScreenshot 2023-10-25 122241.pngdata refresh.png


Accessing student work for analysis:

To view student work, click on one of the three icons in the Student Work column:

student work.png

  • For full packets with data available (such as assessments), teachers can use question view and standard view to examine student work alongside the data.
    • Note that the question and standard view are not available for exit tickets.
  • Teachers can access the time view, a grid that includes all students a teacher teaches and all packets that a teacher has printed in that curriculum. 
    • It includes rows for all students assigned to the teacher for the curriculum, columns for each packet the teacher has printed. In this view, teachers can see the tags and scores on packets at a glance, filter and sort packets, can look at work on a particular standard over time, and can select a student/packet combination to view their work sample.
    • For 1-2 page exit tickets, teachers can use the tagging feature to indicate each student's performance or understanding.


Troubleshooting scanning errors:

  • The scan log (accessed from the Ponder Paper dropdown menu in the top-left corner of all views) includes a record of all the student work scans that have been uploaded by the teacher, as well as scans by another user that include student work connect to this teacher/curriculum. Teachers can use the scan log in the unusual event of a scanning error to resolve the issue (e.g. if a student accidentally wrote/drew on their QR code and Paper could not read it).

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