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The Standard View feature supports easily navigating between work by multiple students on the questions that assess a particular standard. Open Standard View from the Teacher or School tab by selecting a packet from the list and then clicking the S icon in the right-hand column.


When can I use the Standard View?

Standard View is available for assessments whose answer key was entered during packet entry. Student performance data is available if the packet is associated with an Illuminate assessment with standards tagged to each question, and the Illuminate assessment title was entered during packet entry.


What can I learn using Standard View?

In Standard View, the average percent correct for each standard is displayed in a bar graph (a longer bar means students performed better on that standard), and the bar graph is sorted from lowest to highest performance on standards. 

A list of students appears in a column on the lefthand side, and underneath each name the students' score overall on the packet. The right pane displays the student work for the selected student/question combination (and if relevant, the student's work on the corresponding passage).

In the top left corner of the screen, Paper displays the question numbers that correspond with that standard, and the distribution of students' responses for the selected question (a star indicates the correct or full-credit answer on the question). Clicking on one of the answer choices will filter the student list to display the names of students that chose that answer. The pane displaying student work updates to reflect the student/question that are selected. Users can switch between questions or students using keyboard shortcuts (see the screenshot at the bottom of this article), and after viewing the last question for a standard, can use the same shortcuts to move on to the next standard.


The drop-down menu in the top left corner includes:

  • Shortcuts to Question View, Time View, and the Scan Log to fix scanning issues
  • Shortcuts to switch teachers (click the teacher's name) or packets (click the packet name)
  • A legend for the keyboard shortcuts to navigate quickly between students and questions.
  • A link to exit and return to home page


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