Overview of Onboarding Process


Before completing Onboarding Steps, you'll need to make some key organizational decisions:

  • Determining roles and responsibilities within your organization
    • Who will enter packets for each curriculum used by your organization?
    • Who will generate and print packets for each class session?
    • Who will scan student work into Paper?
    • Who will be responsible for the above tasks when the person responsible is absent?
    • Who will need access to which student work in Paper?
  • Determining processes and timelines for Paper-related work
    • How far in advance will packets be entered into Paper?
    • How soon after instruction can student work be scanned into Paper?
    • Where will we place scanners to make them easily accessible to teachers and others who will be scanning?
    • How will teachers and other instructional staff use student work on a daily and weekly basis?
    • What are our expectations for logging into and using Paper for instructional planning?
  • Develop organization-specific guidance for packet entry (refer to attached document for recommendations - this doc is Uncommon-specific, so we may need to adjust?), such as:
    • Packet naming and numbering conventions
    • Use of source material
    • Use of answer key feature

Once you have a vision for how your organization will use Paper, complete the following onboarding steps:

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