Overview of Onboarding Process


Intended Audience: Organizations interested in learning more about Paper

Date of Last Update: August, 2023

Context: If you would like to know more about Paper, contact us with the information below and we'll be in touch!


Once you have a vision for how your organization will use Paper, please use our Interest Form to get in touch with us.


You'll need the following information to complete the interest form:

About your Organization

     1. Organization name

     2. Organization type (individual school, school district, network/consortium of schools, other)

     3. Number of schools in organization

     4. Grades served in organization

     5. Number of students served by your organization

     6. What is your typical class size?

     7. How many teachers in your organization will use Paper?

About your Curriculum

     8. How is curriculum created in your organization?

      • Who creates it (internally versus externally)?
      • Do teachers create or modify curriculum at the classroom level?
      • In what format is curriculum currently stored and distributed (physical workbooks that are purchased, PDFs that are shared digitally)?

     9. Subject areas for which you plan to use Paper

     10. What types of packets do you envision scanning into Paper?

     11. How often do you anticipate scanning will occur for each teacher?

Technical Information

     12. What SIS do you currently use?

     13. What assessment and data analysis platforms do you currently use?

     14. What other digital learning platforms do you currently use?

     15. How do members of your organization sign into these platforms (e.g. a Google account SSO)?


Before you begin Paper, you'll need to make some key organizational decisions as well:

  • Determining roles and responsibilities within your organization
    • Who will enter packets for each curriculum used by your organization?
    • Who will generate and print packets for each class session?
    • Who will scan student work into Paper?
    • Who will be responsible for the above tasks when the person responsible is absent?
    • Who will need access to which student work in Paper?
  • Determining processes and timelines for Paper-related work
    • How far in advance will packets be entered into Paper?
    • How soon after instruction can student work be scanned into Paper?
    • Where will we place scanners to make them easily accessible to teachers and others who will be scanning?
    • How will teachers and other instructional staff use student work on a daily and weekly basis?
    • What are our expectations for logging into and using Paper for instructional planning?
  • Develop organization-specific guidance for packet entry, such as:

Once you've contacted us, our team will help you complete the following onboarding steps:

  • Create users and assign roles in Paper
  • Generate list of curricula to be entered into Paper, and map sections from your student information system to these curricula
  • Order and set up your equipment such as scanners
  • Customize training materials to reflect your organization-specific guidance
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