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About how many students are in a typical class in your organization?

Please describe the process and people involved in creating curriculum in your organization. For example - who writes the curriculum? If you purchase any curricular materials, from where? If you have a centralized curriculum-creation process (e.g., created by a central office team), do teachers modify the curriculum at the classroom level? Do teachers create/write their own curricular materials?

In what format is curriculum currently stored and distributed (physical workbooks that are purchased, PDFs that are shared digitally)?

For which subject areas do you intend to use Paper? (please list all that apply)

About how many packets do you expect each teacher will scan each week? (For example, if the average teacher in your organization teachers 100 students and they expect to scan student work three days per week, enter "300")

What Student Information System (SIS) do you currently use?

What assessment and data analysis platforms or software do you currently use?

What other digital learning platforms do you currently use?

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