Answer Key Entry


This step is not required in order for a packet to published. Organizations should decide whether the Answer Key will be entered for tickets and full packets.

[VIDEO] 1.3 Entering Answer Key & Passages

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[VIDEO] 1.4 Entering Correct Answers

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Enter Answer Key

  • From the main packet entry screen for a packet, look at the “Answer Key” panel and select “edit”


  • First, add the names of all passages (skip if none) and click “next”Screen_Shot_2022-06-11_at_11.48.11_AM.png


  • Add all questions, and select the passage it connects to (if applicable) and the correct answer or point value for each question.
    • If passages were entered, they will appear on the right side and should be selected for each question that relates to that passage.
    • Question number is editable (e.g. for multi-part questions), and can include both numbers and letters.
    • Multiple choice: configure the total number of choices and the correct answer.
    • Open-ended response: configure the total number of points available.
    • Grid-in questions are not currently supported in Paper, so we recommend configuring it as an OER.


Questions will appear in a column on the lefthand side, and you can scroll through them as the list gets longer. Click to edit or delete a question, or click on the dots to the left to drag questions into a different order.



Add Passages and Questions to Pages

  • After adding the last question, click “next” to add passages and questions to pages.
  • Use the up and down arrows to navigate between pages.
  • When each page is displayed, click on the passage(s) and question(s) that appear on that page. 
    • If a passage/question spans multiple pages, it should be tagged to each page where it appears.
    • Items will be highlighted yellow if they are tagged to the page that is currently displayed.
    • A check mark appears next to an item once it has been added to any page.
    • A red circle next to an item indicates it has not yet been added to any page.
    • To add multiple items to the same page:
      • Click on the first item.
      • Press shift, then click on the last item that belongs on that page.
      • Screen_Shot_2022-09-18_at_6.54.31_PM.png
  • Every passage and question must have a checkmark (i.e. must be added to at least one page) before the page will allow you to submit.
  • Scroll through to verify you have correctly mapped items to pages, then click “submit”
    • Note: You will not be able to submit until all passages and questions you have entered have been tagged to at least one page.


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