Share a Work Sample


When using paper, the URL at the top of the page can be copy/pasted and shared with other users. The link will take other users to the same screen that is being viewed.

When might sharing a link be useful?

  • When analyzing student work, a teacher could send a link to their coach, to a specific student's work on a particular question that exemplifies a trend in their class' work. 
  • When preparing for family conferences, a teacher could save links to each student's work in a document, to make navigating to the correct student's work samples faster.
  • If a teacher is sick, they could send a link to thepacket that their substitute teacher needs to print for the day's lesson.
  • A teacher could send a link to a scan log to show their administrator why a particular student's work is not available in Paper, and initiate the process of fixing the error.



(For more on finding the pages mentioned here, see Navigating Paper as a Teacher)

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