Scanning completed packets


Once students have completed the work in their packets, they do not need to be sorted or organized in any way. Simply place student work in the scanner and Paper will organize it for you.


[VIDEO] 2.0 Scanning Completed Packets

For the full video tutorial playlist, please view here


What to scan

Completed student work does not need to be sorted in any way before scanning.

  • A single scan batch can include:
    • student work from multiple curricula
    • student work from different packets in the same curricula
    • pages in different orientations (upside down, backwards)
  • Do not scan:
    • blank packets (e.g. the exit ticket for a student that was absent)
    • incomplete packets, if you expect the student to complete it later
    • work that is still stapled or clipped together

How to scan

  • If applicable, remove any staples or paper clips from packets before scanning.
  • If your scanner is off, press the power button to turn it on
  • Once your scanner is turned on, you will see the following message on the screen. Wave your ID sticker over the sensor on your scanner to log in


  • Then, place the papers into the top of the scanner (orientation does not matter), and press "Scan"



After scanning

  • You can check the scan log to see if there are any errors in your scans.
  • Once the work has been scanned to Paper, you can return work to students or dispose of it according to your schools' policies.
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