Troubleshooting: Assigning unnamed packets and fixing scanning errors



Intended Audience: All Paper users

Date of Last Update: September 2023

Context: Although the smart scanners are able to successfully sort most student work into the right place (curriculum + packet + student), sometimes errors occur. They are typically caused either by a student using an "unnamed" packet because their personalized packet could not be located, or by an obstruction to the QR code that makes it impossible for Paper to read the code. In both circumstances, users can correct scanning errors in Paper.


Where to go to ID and fix errors in Paper:

  1. The scan log contains a record of student work that has been scanned by or for this teacher. For each batch of scanned work, teachers can see the date that scanning occurred, and both the number and the percent of pages that scanned successfully. If a scanning error occurs, teachers can click on the batch and specific page to see the scanned image and, in most cases, correct the error.
  2. On the "School" and "Teacher" tabs, a column for Unnamed packets appears between the scanned and scored status. If the teacher used any unnamed packets, there will be a shortcut link in the column for them to go assign the packet to a student.


Scenario #1: Student used an unnamed packet instead of the packet with their unique QR label.

[VIDEO] 2.6 Assigning Unnamed Packets

For the full video tutorial playlist, please view here

Each time teachers generate a PDF for printing, Paper generates a few copies of the packet that include a QR label that is connected to the assessment but not to a particular student. If a teacher cannot locate a student's personalized packet (for example, the student just switched classes and rosters have not been updated yet); they can use an unnamed packet and the teacher can later assign their completed work to them in Paper.



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Scenario #2: QR code is obstructed/unreadable.

[VIDEO] 2.7 Fixing Scanning Errors

For the full video tutorial playlist, please view here

Occasionally, Paper is unable to read the barcode on a page because it is obstructed or otherwise damaged (e.g., the page was ripped, the students' writing covers the QR code). In these cases, users can tell Paper what is the on the page in two ways:


  1. Find the students' name in the lefthand column, and click on the red square that represents the page in their packet (the square is red because Paper couldn't read this page and thinks it is missing). Click "submit" when you are sure you've assigned the page to the right place in the student's packet. Note: sometimes a blank page is flagged red so please disregard that square.
  2. Alternatively, click on the image of the scanned page to zoom in on the QR code. You will see a 9 character alphanumeric code printed to the right of the QR label, after the "usi-P:" enter this code and Paper will assign the page to the correct student and packet.



Please note that if a student used another student's packet, there is currently no feature to remap the assessment to the correct name. Please contact your IT team for next steps. 


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