Publishing a Packet


In order for teachers to print, administer, and scan a packet, the packet must be assigned a packet number and published by a curriculum user. The same packet can be published to multiple curricula at once.


How to Assign Packet Number and Publish (to one or more curricula)

  • On the “Publishing” panel of the main packet entry screen, click “edit”
    • Enter packet number and click “submit”
    • See packet numbering guidelines for recommendations on how to number the packet
    • If the exact same packet will be used in multiple curricula (e.g. 7th grade English in more than one state), click “add” next to each additional curriculum, assign a packet number, and click “submit”



  • Note: Assigning the packet a number publishes it, so it will now become visible to teachers of that curriculum.
    • If you publish a packet in error, you can recall it by clicking edit again and selecting “recall” at the top of the dialogue box.



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