Troubleshooting: Scanner error message - Waiting to Connect and Check the network settings


Last Updated: October 2023


Intended Audience: School staff who setup their Ponder Paper scanner 


Context: After setting up your scanner, you may see the following error message(s) on the scanner's screen:


Error messages:

Scanner screen reads, "Waiting to connect" 

Error - Waiting to connect.png


Scanner screen may also read, "Cannot connect to PaperStream NX Manager. Check the network settings. Code: M4:A4"

Error - Cannot connect to PaperStream.png



Ponder bar thin.png

Troubleshooting steps: 

1. Ensure your ethernet cord is connected to the back of the scanner and the other end is connected to a functioning internet port.

2. On your scanner home screen, towards the bottom, click on the settings gear icon 


3. In the Settings menu, click on Scanner Settings

Scanner Settings.jpg

4. On the Password screen, use the keyboard to enter "password" (all lowercase). Check "Display keystrokes" to confirm spelling. 


5. On the Scanner Settings page, click on "How to connect" to continue with settings setup:

how to connect.jpg

6. Follow the setup instructions from the article: Setting up your scanner part 1. Begin at the section: "Scanner Setup Continued"


Please reach out to your IT team if you need further support. 



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