Teachers: Substapling printing with Xerox Global Driver


This article shows you how to print and staple a large PDF with unique assessments (different student names). This article assumes you have the Xerox Global Driver installed on your machine.


What is the difference between printing regular PDF assessments and printing Paper assessments?

Regular assessments are not unique to each student, therefore you can tell the printer to print and staple a PDF, and repeat the same process multiple times. However, because Paper assessments are unique, printing the same way would require many sets of PDF which in turn would take a very long time. To solve this problem, you can take one long PDF with assessments that are unique, and substaple each one.



What is substapling?

Substapling allows you to set the number of pages to substaple for a single PDF.

When do you need to substable?

When you have a single PDF with assessments that are unique to each student.

Printing Steps:

  • On Start Menu, open ‘Printers & scanners’
    • Select the printer you previously installed with the Global Driver
    • Click Manage
    • Select Printing preferences
  • On the Advanced tab, under Subsets, click ‘Setup…’
  • On the popup window, select ‘Subsets’ and enter the number of Pages per Subset i.e. the length of the exam to staple
  • Hit OK
  • Hit Apply on the bottom right hand corner
  • To print your document, select this printer with the Global Driver
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