Teachers: Getting Started with Assessment Analysis


Scanning and analysis

After your students have completed their assessments, watch this short video on how to scan the tickets into Ponder Paper and analyze their written work.



Scanning and analysis summary:

  1. Take your students' completed assessments and cut or chop the staple corners off. Try to keep the cut as close to the staple as possible so as not to lose too much of the assessment content.
  2. Drop the stack of unstapled papers into the scanner, login with your sticker and click scan.
  3. Return to https://uncommon.ponderpaper.co and navigate to the lead teacher page for your course.
  4. Search for the assessment in the curriculum list on the left side.
  5. Select the assessment you scanned and see the student work appearing where the blanks were before.
  6. Use the Jump-to-question interface to review student work based on question-level performance. More Help with Jump-to-Question.
  7. Use the jump-to-standard interface to review student work based on standard-level performance. More Help with Jump-to-Standard
  8. The "Time" view will allow you to filter and sort your roster by assessment performance. More Help with Time View
  9. Grab the URL from the address bar to share links to interesting cohorts with your co-teacher, IL or DCI.

Contact support@ponder.co if you have any questions!

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