Teachers: Getting started with Exit Tickets



Lesson preparation

Watch this quick video to learn how to prepare your lesson materials, to follow along, login to Ponder at https://uncommon.poncerpaper.co.

Lesson preparation summary:

  1. If you are a lead teacher in PowerSchool, you will land directly on your teacher page when you log in. For co-teachers, you'll need to search for the lead teacher in the dropdown on the top left of the Teacher Tab (more on navigating Paper here).
    1. If you teach more than one course, use the second dropdown in the top left to select the course you want to view.
  2. Select an exit ticket to reveal the available tools for preparing for instruction: 
    1. "Generate PDF for printing" will download a PDF containing a unique, customized copy of the exit ticket for each student in your class. Exit tickets can be either two-sided (print the downloaded file double-sided, 1 sheet per student) or one-sided (print the downloaded file single-sided, 1 sheet per student).
    2. "Packet config" allows you to preview the exit ticket and see which standards are assessed by the ticket, if any.
    3. "Download Original" will download a blank copy of the full packet from CandI. This PDF file may include classwork, homework, or lesson plans depending on how your curriculum is posted.
    4. "External Materials" will take you to the folder on CandI where the packet came from, which may have additional materials from the lesson planner.

Scanning and analysis

After your students have completed their exit tickets, scan the tickets into Ponder Paper and visit analyze their written work at uncommon.poncerpaper.co.

Summary of scanning and analysis process:

  1. Take your students' completed exit tickets and drop them into the scanner, login with your sticker and click scan.
  2. Return to the packet list and select how you want to analyze your exit tickets:

    1. Click the stoplight to "tag" exit tickets with a quick evaluation of the student's level of understanding or performance on the exit ticket. Other users can see your tags, but only the teacher can tag their own students' work.
      • Use the four tags and corresponding shortcuts on the right side of the screen to categorize your students' work.
      • Once they are all tagged, use the filters to review the student work by bucket.
      • Grab the URL from the address bar to share your analyzed exit tickets with your IL.
    2. Click the time view to explore students' work on the exit ticket in the context of their work over time (for example, see this exit ticket next to the items on the last IA on which the same standards were assessed).

Contact support@ponder.co if you have any questions!

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