Guide to Adding External Links & References


Paper enables curriculum users to add external links/references for a packet, including:

  • "Source materials" - links to external pages that could support teachers' use of the packet. For example, users might add a link to the lesson plan that corresponds to an exit ticket, or to a scoring guide/rubric for an assessment.

How to add external links:

In the Publishing section of the packet entry landing page, click on the header for either the Illuminate ID or Source Materials column. Screen_Shot_2022-06-11_at_10.58.55_AM.png

  • Linking to source material is recommended when additional resources, such as an exemplar or scoring guide, are available elsewhere (in this case, link to the location where additional resources can be found).
    • Note: Paper does allow for teachers to print a blank copy of the full packet when it is entered as a 1-sided or 2-sided ticket. In this case, the "full packet" would include the entire PDF that was originally uploaded. 
  • If the packet is associated with an assessment in Illuminate, add the Illuminate assessment title.
    • Note: This field is case sensitive. We recommend copy/pasting from Illuminate to minimize human error.
  • Use the paintbrush button in each column to copy links down the page, if links are the same for all curricula.
    • Alternatively, paste different URLs for each curriculum where the packet is published.
  • Submit to save.


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