Help with Curriculum View



Selecting a curriculum from the home screen opens the Curriculum View with the name of the curriculum displayed at the top of the page, displaying a list of packets (sorted by packet number) that have already been entered for that curriculum. The symbols to the right of each packet indicate whether it has been published (by a curriculum user) and printed (by teacher users). Curriculum users can filter by the packet type, name, number, or status using the search bar and buttons at the top.

By clicking the plus sign at the top of the page, a curriculum user can enter a new packet. Click here to view the guide to entering a new packet.


Select a packet to view the completed & scanned student work. The center pane will display a list of students' scans, and selecting one of these names will bring up that student's work in the right pane.

Once a packet has been selected, an edit button will also appear. Click the edit button to view or change the packet details (instructions here), to enter the answer key (instructions here), to publish the packet (instructions here), or to edit or recall the packet (instructions here).



Curriculum Users can also use jump-to-question view and jump-to-standard view to examine student work alongside the data. For curriculum users, these views will show a sample of students across multiple teachers.


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