How to generate and print a packet



Generate a PDF of your packet

  • In the packet view, select the packet you want to print from the list on the left side of your screen.
  • Once selected, the blank PDF image will appear in the right (viewer) pane. Verify that this is the file you want to print.
  • In the left pane, click "generate PDF." It may take a few minutes for the packet to be generated. Then, the PDF file (with QR labels for each of your students) will automatically download to your computer

Print the PDF

  • Print the generated PDF as you would any other file.
  • Pay particular attention to single-sided versus double-sided printing. If you are printing a one-page exit ticket, be sure to print single-sided so that every student gets their own sheet of paper.

What if there are other materials I need to print for this lesson?

  • Below the "generate PDF" button in the left pane, you will see a button labeled "Download full source." This button will take you to any additional materials uploaded by your curriculum manager.
  • Note: If the page(s) you have already decorated and downloaded for your students is part of a larger packet (e.g. an exit ticket), the "full source" may also include the pages you have already printed. Be sure to double-check which pages you will need to print normally and which you will print through Paper. <- this is terrible phrasing :)
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