Navigating Paper as a Teacher



When a teacher logs in to Paper, they will see their name and the curriculum they team at the top of the page, with a down arrow next to them. Clicking this arrow opens a dropdown from which they can change what curriculum they are viewing (if they teach more than one curriculum) and can select/change the view between the:

  • Packet View - A list of all published packets for the curriculum. In this view, teachers select a packet to view all students' work on the same assignment.
    • For 1-2 page exit tickets, teachers can use the tagging feature to indicate each student's performance or understanding.
    • For full packets with data available (such as assessments), teachers can use jump-to-question view and jump-to-standard view to examine student work alongside the data.
  • Time View - A grid with rows for all students assigned to the teacher for the curriculum and columns for each packet the teacher has printed. In this view, teachers can see the tags and scores on packets at a glance, filter and sort packets, can look at work on a particular standard over time, and can select a student/packet combination to view their work sample.
  • Scan Log - A record of all the student work scans that have been uploaded by the teacher, as well as scans by another user that include student work connect to this teacher/curriculum. Teachers can use the scan log in the unusual event of a scanning error to resolve the issue (e.g. if a student accidentally wrote/drew on their QR code and Paper could not read it).

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