Viewing student work (by packet and question)


When using the packet view, teachers can select a packet and even a specific question, and view all of their student's work for that assignment quickly. Packet view is the default screen when teachers log in, or it can be selected from the dropdown menu in the top-left of the screen. For more on navigating Paper, visit Navigating Paper as a Teacher.



Browsing student work

The packet list appears on the left-hand column of the screen and students' names appear in the middle column. When a packet is selected, an image of student work will appear in the right-hand column, and the packet & student names will be highlighted to indicate what is displayed.


To see a different student's work, click on their name or use "w" to move up one student on the list or "s" to move down one student on the list. If the packet has more than one page, simply scroll through the PDF in the right-hand column to see the remaining pages.



Some packets contain many questions across many pages, and Paper can save you time on scrolling through all of those pages with the "jump-to-question" feature. When you want to see how multiple students did on a particular question, select the packet that contains that question and then click "jump-to-question" beneath the packet name.


This will hide the packet list and bring up a "jump-to-question" menu on the right side of the screen, which lists all of the passages (if applicable) and questions that are part of the packet. By either clicking on their selections or using keyboard shortcuts ("w" and "s" to move up and down the list of students, "a" and "d" to move forward and backward through the questions), users can seamlessly switch between packets.


When a question is linked to a passage, the student's work on the passage and question will appear side-by-side in the viewer.

*Note: the "jump-to-question" feature is only available when the packet's answer key has been entered. Visit the Packet Entry article for instructions, or speak to your curriculum administrator if you do not have access to enter and edit packets.

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