Troubleshooting: Editing a Published Packet



What happens if I need to revise a packet that has been entered?

    • The following fields can be edited after publishing:
      • Answer key
      • Placement of QR label
      • Packet Name
      • Packet Number
      • External links
    • The following fields cannot be replaced. If the error is in one of these fields, “recall” the packet from all curricula and re-enter it.
      • The PDF itself
      • The “type” selection (1-sided ticket, 2-sided ticket, or full packet)
      • The pages selected for the ticket


How to edit a packet:

  • From the curriculum page, select the packet with an error, and click "edit" to open the packet details.
  • Use the PDF (left side) pane to edit:
    • Placement of QR label
    • Packet Name
  • Use the Answer Key (center) pane to edit:
    • Passage names, questions, and correct answers
    • Tagging of questions & passages to pages
  • Use the Publishing (right side) pane to edit:
    • Packet number
    • External links
    • Status (e.g. published, recalled) for each curriculum


What if teachers have already printed a packet and it needs to be edited?

To facilitate communication of errors, paper will display a warning if a packet is edited after teachers have “generated” that packet (i.e. created the printable set of packets with barcodes for their class).

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