Publishing a Packet & Linking to Source Material


Assign Packet Number and Publish (to one or more curricula)

  • On the “Publishing” panel of the main packet entry screen, click “edit”
    • Enter packet number and click “submit”
    • See packet numbering guidelines for recommendations on how to number the packet
    • If the exact same packet will be used in multiple curricula (e.g. 7th grade English in more than one state), click “add” next to each additional curriculum, assign a packet number, and click “submit”


  • Note: Assigning the packet a number publishes it, so it will now become visible to teachers of that curriculum.
    • If you publish a packet in error, you can recall it by clicking edit again and selecting “recall” at the top of the dialogue box.

Add External Links

  • In the same Publishing section click in the external links column for any curriculum where the packet has been published.
  • Linking to source material is recommended when:
    • Additional resources, such as an exemplar or scoring guide, are available elsewhere (in this case, link to the location where additional resources can be found).
    • Only the exit ticket is printable from Paper, so teacher will also need to access and print the full packet from another source (int his case, link to the document that must be printed).
  • If the packet is associated with an assessment in Illuminate, add the Illuminate assessment title.
    • Note: This field is case sensitive. We recommend copy/pasting from Illuminate to minimize human error.
  • Use the paintbrush button to copy links down the page, if links are the same for all curricula. Then submit.
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