Packet Numbering Guidelines

  • Assign a unique (within the curriculum) packet number
    • Exception: for multi-book IAs, the same packet number should be used for all packets. See naming convention above for how books should be differentiated
  • Format must be X.X, up to 7 total characters including the period.
  • The following are our recommendations . After reviewing/revising recommendations, enter your team’s guidance in the How-To guide, Step 8
  • Packet numbers should closely follow numbering conventions used in pacing calendars for simplicity.
    • All assessments should start with the number “0” (assuming no curriculum materials would use this number). Two reasons for this:
      • Assessments, which are likely to be viewed by the most people, will filter to the top of the packet list
      • This will enable us to easily tell which packets are assessments (versus exit tickets) down the road, since we do not have a field for this currently.

Packet Examples

Suggested Packet Names (see Step 3)

Suggested Packet Numbers

PP Quiz Week 14

Quiz: Linear Relationships



IA1, Book 1


Week 29 SGI Info Quiz

SGI Info Quiz: [passage name]


Math Unit Assessment 4/8/20

Unit Assessment: Systems of Equations



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