Packet Naming Guidelines


Below are some guidelines for creating a name for your packet:

    • The name should be descriptive in a way that people can understand.
    • Do not include the packet number as part of the name (this will be added in a later step).
    • Do not include information that is already captured in the curriculum’s name (e.g. grade, subject, region)
    • The name should be unique (e.g. for a two-day lesson, include “day 1” and “day 2” in the name to distinguish them).
    • Each book of a multi-day IA should be entered as a separate packet if they are separate PDFs, and the book # included in the packet name.
    • Do not include the date of administration, since this information could change and/or vary by region or school.

See also: Packet Numbering Guidelines

Non-examples of packet names

Suggested packet names

PP Quiz Week 14

Quiz: Linear Relationships


IA1, Book 1

Week 29 Info Quiz

SGI Info Quiz: [passage name]

Math Unit Assessment 4/8/20

Unit Assessment: Systems of Equations

Unit 5, Lesson 1: Area of a Triangle

Intro: Finding Area of a Triangle

The Tyger [if a multi-day lesson]

The Tyger, Day 2

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