Troubleshooting: Scanner replacement parts


Last Updated: July 2024

Intended Audience: School staff (e.g. Ops) who maintain their school's Fujitsu scanner(s)

Context: After heavy use, your scanner may need new replacement parts. See links below.



Replacing parts of your scanner:

If replacement parts are needed, e.g. a wheel is damaged, first use the parts provided in the the cleaning kit.

If additional parts are needed, please order more from the Fujitsu site for the scanner fi-7300NX:

parts for scanner Workgroup - fi-7300NX 

  • Example replacement links:
    • Power cord: The power cord comes in 2 parts, an AC Cable and an AC Adapter. This is part 1 and this is part 2. Connect the two pieces together. 
    • Ethernet cable: Any ethernet cable that is long enough to cover the distance from the scanner to your ethernet wall port. Such as the 5 foot option here
    • Cleaning Kit: found here
  • Instructions on how to replace certain parts are found here


Still need help? Please reach out to your Support team for further assistance.


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