Troubleshooting: Printing via Hold Jobs


Intended Audience: School Ops who print using school copiers

Last Updated: March 2024

Context: Please refer to this article only if you received instructions from a Ponder Paper team member.

This article is for copiers that are incompatible with the Ponder Paper Print Tool. The instructions below outline a workaround specific to a particular copier make and model. 


School: KCCS


Copier Model: AccurioPrint 2100 FS-532

Copier Names:

  • KCCS Kermit (STEM Den)
  • KCCS Pepe (ELA TWR)
  • Note: these instructions do not apply to copier named Denise (KCCS Ops Main Office) 



Note: each step below can be simultaneously repeated for different exams. E.g. repeat step 1 for both Alg 1 and Science exams, then repeat step 2 for both exams, same for step 3, etc. 


1. Log into Ponder Paper. Generate and download the exam as usual.

Note, for this example, the KCCS Sci Gr 8 PPQ Week 1 was used as it will not be administrated via Ponder Paper this schoolyear. 

1 generate pt 1.jpg

2 generate pt 2.jpg

3 download pt 1.jpg

Important note: do not close the download page as you'll refer to it again in step 5 (for the pages per section). 


2. Save the generated PDF in an accessible location e.g. your Downloads folder, etc. And use a filename that displays what exam it is. 

File naming convention example: SCI.08.PPQZ.W1.23-24.USI_KCCS

Note, in the screenshot I use Abode Acrobat as my default PDF editor. Your computer may use a different software such as Google Chrome. Look for the download button to save the file. 

4 download pt 2.jpg5 download pt 3.jpg 

3. Log into your copier's Print Manager website:

http://<IP address of the machine>/printmanager.html

For example:

Kermit's website: 

Pepe's website: 

Login using the admin credentials (contact your Ops team for username and password)

6 copier login.png


4. One logged in, upload the saved PDF into the Hold section.

In this example, it was saved in the Downloads folder: 

7 copier hold and upload.jpg

8 upload to copier.jpg

The file is now sitting (paused) in the Hold Jobs section


5. Return to the Ponder download page from step 1. 

Look at the "staple every _ pages" field. Note the number.

In this example, it is 6. As in each student packet of this PPQ is 6 pages long (3 pages double sided).

10 staple every N page.jpg


6. Return to the file in the Hold section. 

Click on Job Settings.

9 sitting in hold and job settings.jpg


In the pop-up, click on Finishing.

Under "Staple" choose "Corner"

Click the checkbox to turn on "Divide Output"

Enter the number of "pages per Section" as was found in step 5. In this example, it's 6

Scroll down and click Save (bottom right corner).

10 job settings pt 1.jpg


7. When you are ready to print:

In the Hold section select the file you want, click on the Print icon.

In the pop-up, do not change any settings, just click OK.

11 print from hold.jpg

12 print from hold pt 2.jpg


8. Note that you can see the job status in the bottom section:

Sending a job: For this example, a PDF with 558 pages took 2-3 minutes for the copier to receive

Printing a job: For this example, a PDF with 558 pages took 5-6 minutes for the copier to print

13 print from hold pt 3.jpg14 print from hold pt 4.jpg


9. Once printing is complete, in the Hold section:

Right click over the file and choose Delete. In the pop-up, click Yes.

This is because the copier has a limited memory/disk space so deleting no longer used files helps the copier performance remain the same. 

15 delete pt 1.png

16 delete pt 2.jpg

17 deleted hold jobs.jpg

You can also delete the file you saved in your computer. 

In this example, the file in the Downloads folder was deleted: 

18 deleted downloads folder.jpg


10. Repeat the steps above for other exams and as needed. 


If you have any questions, please reach out to Ponder Paper for further assistance. 

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