January 2024 Release Notes


Intended Audience: Users of Ponder Paper

Release Update: January 2024

Context: This release contains information about recent changes to the Ponder Paper site including new features (standards text) and updates to existing features (scan log).

A downloadable PDF version of this release note can be found at the bottom of this article. 


New Feature:

  • New feature: Standards Popover
  • Why: Users want to see the full text for each standard when using the standards view. 
  • How the user experience is improved:
    1. The full description of the selected standard is now displayed when users click on the (i) information button near the standard name. Clicking outside the popover will close the window.
    2. Users can now see the full list of the standards from the exam, sorted in the same order as the performance bars. 
    3. A mini-bar graph gives a quick look at per-question performance without having to go back to the question view.
  • Example:



Updated Features:

  • Updated feature: Scan log: Filters
  • Why: There were several filters for the scan log page, some of which did not apply to schools using generic fobs.  
  • How the user experience is improved: 
    1. We've paired down the filters. There are two filters available: Scan Device (to filter by school-scanner) and Scan Status (to filter by scan errors). 
    2. A Scan Date filter was added. Choosing a date displays any scans on and before the selected day and time.
  • Example:



  • Updated feature: Scan log: 5-box button
  • Why: Users with trackpad issues could not easily zoom into the scanned images.
  • How the user experience is improved: 
    • When on the scan log page, scanned images are now viewed using the 5-box button. Clicking on the center icon will show you the whole page. Clicking on one of the 4 quadrants will display that corner.
    • Users can also pan (drag their cursor) to view other areas of the zoomed-in page. 
  • Examples:


5boxbutton - 2.jpg


  • Updated feature: Scan log: Fixing 
  • Why: For users who fix scan log issues, it was difficult to distinguish the different types of errors.
  • How the user experience is improved: 
    1. A color legend for the different types of scan errors is now available by clicking the (i) information button next to Scan Stats. 
    2. When manually entering a QR code, in the case of multiple options, users can now assign the sheet to a select student.
    3. If non-Ponder sheets are accidentally scanned in (e.g. Illuminate bubble sheets, homework, etc.), users can mark the sheet as "ignored", and click "Submit", and the page status automatically updates to "Set by a person".
  • Example:

scan stats.jpg


manual qr match.jpg





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