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(Download the Ponder app in the App Store by searching for Ponder Mobile or clicking here.)


Logging in

When you first open the Ponder app, you will be asked to log in. If you've used Ponder before all you will need to do is type in your username and password and tap "Log In." If you'd like to use Google to login, simply tap the "Log in with Google" button.

Activity Feed

After you login, you will see the activity feed, representing the documents being discussed by your classmates. 

The class name is at the top in the middle, and if you are a member of more than one class, you can touch the name to switch between the activity feeds for each one.

Each document discussion is captured in a nugget, like this:

Tapping on individual articles will take you to the article in a browser. 


Creating Ponder Responses

On an article, either inside the Ponder app, or in Safari, select some text (up to the 200 character limit), then tap the () browser share button, at either the top or the bottom of the screen. If it is not visible, scroll the page to make it appear.

This is NOT the same as the selection share button, which will not work. 

The share menu will pop up:

Scroll through the icons on the first row to find the Ponder P (). 

The first time you share with Ponder, the button will not be visible, so tap the More () button, and then enable (green) Ponder in the list that appears:

Once you tap the Ponder () share button, the Ponder response box interface will appear for you select the sentiment to frame and categorize your comment about the text selection.

You can tap the elaborate () button to add a text elaboration.

You can tap the themes () button to tag the comment with class themes that your teacher has configured.


Once you click the Submit button, your response will be added to the class activity feed, and visible to your classmates!


App Menu

From the activity feed you can tap the button at the top left to access the app menu. The menu provides you with access to login/logout, Help and About pages.








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