The Ponder API: An Overview


Ponder API allows partners to integrate Ponder functionality directly within their service for a white- or grey-label experience. 

The API methods are designed around scenarios where partners layer the Ponder micro-response interface and heat map on top of their content (text and video,) extending their infrastructure to incorporate flexible, structured and thoughtful content-driven interactions between their users. It also likely means, retrieving content (annotations) created by partner users for surfacing elsewhere within the service, for example in a personal activity feed. All of this is possible without an additional login to Ponder. 


The API documentation covers four main areas:  

  • Account Creation & Authentication
  • User & Group Administration
  • Retrieving Activity Data
  • "Native" User Interactions (without the browser add-on)

 You can experience all of the API functionality through the Ponder service by creating a test account, and learn about the different structured data capabilities of the annotation service through this tutorial video and explanation

Of course, if you’re interested in integrating Ponder into your service, please get in touch!



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