What are the different types of Ponder subscriptions?


There are three types of Ponder subscriptions:


Social Readers (Free)

The social reader license is designed for groups or individuals to read together and gather ideas they find across the web with Chrome, Firefox or iOS. It may also be useful for keeping on top of your students' self-directed reading. To create a social reader account, follow these steps to get started; after your free trial of Ponder Pro expires, your account will automatically turn into a social reader account. 


Pro ($195 per year per teacher)

Ponder Pro is designed for instructors who want to leverage Ponder for video and for PDFs as well as web content. It also enables a suite of data tools and metrics about each of your students' reading that to provide additional accountability and insights for class discussion. 

Try out Ponder Pro in a few quick steps with a free trial!


Site Licenses (per-student pricing)

Site licenses allow per-student pricing of Ponder Pro for all of the instructors in a school. With a site license you can pull data from across your organization. You can also choose add-ons for SSO (single sign-on), embedding Ponder within your organization's content or providing additional training for teachers in using the service. Contact support for additional information on site licenses and pricing.


The Ponder service is also available for integrating within your service through the Ponder API

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