How do I edit my personal or group profile?


Your name, email, group names, school/organization names and other fields can all be edited in your Settings panel. 

To get to your Settings panel, click the settings link at the top right corner of your activity feed


Once the Settings panel drops down, navigate using the buttons on the left and the tabs at the top to reach the field(s) you want to edit.


Clicking on the value you want to change (e.g. "135" above) will activate the field for editing:



Make the edits you want, and then click the green Save button at the bottom right of the Settings panel to make the changes permanent.



The "me" button at the top left of the settings panel will take you to your personal profile.



The personal profile tab shows your username and allows you to edit your first and last names, email address and password, and also shows your subscription status.



 To change your Student ID, contact support

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