How do I upload documents into my group?


In short, you don't!

With Ponder, the documents you read together stay wherever they are: on your document management system, your library web site, Google Drive, Dropbox, your personal web site, or the news site or blog where you found them.

Ponder travels with each student and teacher to the document

"Okay," you say, "so how do I start a discussion on a document?"


Kick-off the discussion by Sharing in the Activity Feed

The best way is to create your own Ponder annotation on the document and share it with the Ponder groups that you want to discuss it. You may want to use the elaboration field to enter a prompt.


Course Packet & the Reading List

If you are really making available a series of documents, for example, to match your syllabus, you probably want to organize them in the Course Packet.  

Course packet and reading list items can be individual documents or entire web domains that you feel are relevant to the discussion.


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