Why doesn't the "P" button pop up when I highlight text?


Creating a Ponder micro-response on text requires selecting text, and then clicking the  button that pops up next to the highlight.


So what do you do if no  button appears after you highlight?


First, if you are not in the iOS app, check to see if Ponder is still installed in your browser by checking to the right of your address bar in Chrome or Firefox. It should look like one of these:



If you don't see the button, check to make sure it's installed, and not disabled: Enabling instructions for Chrome and enabling instructions for Firefox.


Second, if Ponder is installed and enabled, check the button state. If it is striped () instead of solid (), that means the document you are on is not on your reading list

If the button is striped AND the document you are on is an https (ssl) site (e.g. ) then by default you will not be able to create a response. If this is the case, an administrator of one of your Ponder groups will need to add the site or document to one of your reading lists


If the button is solid, try re-loading the page - Ponder's add-on cannot work correctly until the page has completely loaded/downloaded into your browser. One possibility is that you are having trouble with your wifi internet connection.

Also be aware that a minimum of eight characters need to be selected for the button to pop up.

If none of these solve your problems, then get in touch with our support team and we can work through it with you.


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