Finding Lesson Ideas with Ponder's Public Feed


Ponder's Public Feed is a live collection of discussions on Ponder that have reached a certain threshold of activity.

Like the private class Ponder activity feed, the micro-responses that make up the discussions are organized around documents, in rectangular carousels we call "nuggets". The Public Feed nuggets are different however, because the micro-responses are not attributed to usernames, but rather to the Ponder groups those users are in. Also, micro-responses in public feed nuggets are not all necessarily from the same classes. 

In this example, a response attributed to a class called "Honors Civics". 

Just as in a private class activity feed, you can scroll it, search for discussions and filter them by time, topic, theme, sentiment and site.

However, unlike in a private class activity feed, you don't need to be logged in to Ponder to do those things.

Remember that using the data cloud visualization is the most reliable way to get correct matches for your selections. 


Search for discussions that mention the word "marginalized"

Filter for discussions on the Education topic metatag:

Filter for micro-responses with the Ethics theme

Filter for discussions on the New York Times with the site filter

Filter for micro-responses using the "I need a sense of scale" sentiment




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