Selecting sentiments for your group


Sentiments are the core of the scaffold Ponder readers use to quickly articulate their thoughts about an idea they find in a text or video. They are both a convenient shorthand and serve to broaden the range of critical thoughts readers consider as they work to articulate their thoughts. 

Each class can have its own set of fifty to sixty sentiments, grouped into three types: cognitive or comprehension related, analytical and more emotional which are color-coded yellow, green and pink respectively. 

Matching the sentiments to the level of the readers in the group facilitates practicing using existing vocabulary and expanding reader vocabularies by providing the opportunity to try out new words.

Ponder defaults to a set appropriate for college prep or post-secondary educational scenarios, and offers several different sets to choose from in English and other languages including Spanish, French, Arabic and Gaeilge. 

You can switch between sets using the sentiment selector by clicking "Settings" on the top right of the activity feed, and then selecting the group you'd like to change on the left of the settings panel.

The selector looks like this:

Each sentiment has three main formulations:

  1. A short, casual, slang version
  2. A more idiomatic version in first and second person
  3. A formal version appropriate for written school work in the third person and third person plural.

Linguistic and cultural translation efforts are underway for several languages; if you are interested in further customization or creating your own sentiments read on.


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