Using PDFs on Blackboard


If you have uploaded a PDF to Blackboard for use by your class, you may run into an issue where the Ponder micro-response button doesn't pop-up when you select text.

This is due to a combination of two reasons:

First, Ponder is disabled by default on https web sites. To enable Ponder on an https web site, add the url for that web site or specific document to your course packet. You have already done that, and it didn't help? Read on!

Second, in certain instances, Blackboard doesn't actually render the PDF as a raw file, but rather hosts it for you in an iframe. In that case, the pdf itself doesn't actually reside on your school's blackboard sub-domain (e.g., but on a blackboard storage subdomain - something like To enable Ponder on that pdf, you will need to add that special subdomain, or just simply add "" to your course packet. This will ensure that all documents that you upload to Blackboard for your class will be Ponder-able.

It should look like this when you are adding it:

If you are still experiencing issues, please contact support.  

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