Ponder on PDFs on Google Drive


Note: While Google Drive will let you see most document types as a PDF, to make things work smoothly and have a consistent experience, make sure you save your DOCX, Text File, Google Doc as a PDF first, and then share that through Google Drive.


1. Go to the file list that includes the PDF on Google drive

 (Details on using Ponder on Dropbox.)

2. Right click on the file name and select "Share...":


3. Click "Get shareable link" to share the file with your students.

This is the link you distribute to your students and can add to your coursepacket.

Copy the link and visit it by pasting it into the address bar. You should land on a page that looks like this:


3. Click the Ponder PDF button which should be visible to the left of the Chrome options button.  

The PDF should load in the Ponder PDF viewer (see screenshot below).  Now you and your students can create responses.

  • Firefox users! make sure you have the View>>Toolbars>>Add-ons menu item checked.

Extra: You can also Ponder Microsoft Word docs and Excel Spreadsheets on Google Drive using the print/preview functionality. 

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