What does installing Ponder do?


When you login to Ponder from a browser that does not have the Ponder add-on installed, you will be automatically prompted to install. The Ponder browser add-on will allow you to create micro-responses directly on any text or video document on the web.

Ponder isn't just a website you visit. Instead, you are extending the capabilities of your browser to include Ponder so that it's available to you wherever you go on the web.

Installing Ponder also enables you to count and keep track of the reading you do for class, on a select list of websites defined by you and your instructor in your class reading list.

Once installed, you will see a button with the Ponder logo.  Click it to visit your class feed:



When you log in and out of Ponder, you also log in and out of the add-on at the same time, disabling all Ponder functionality. A red-x will appear to show you're logged on.



You can also uninstall Ponder from your browser at any time.

When using Ponder, you have complete control over what reading you share with your classes. Be sure to learn how to manage your reading list and review the privacy policy.

Chrome and Firefox will each request your permission to install in a slightly different way, with the dialogs shown below.




chrome-install-dialog.png  firefox-install-dialog-2.png

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