Configuring Themes for a Group


This short video will walk you through configuring themes for your class:




When you set up a class, you can add custom Themes. Click the settings button in the upper right corner of the site.

Then click the Themes tab at the top of the configuration panel.

Themes are the "big ideas" of your class - the concepts you want your students to be thinking about all year long. Themes can help students make connections to class discussions in what they read. 


The first line asks you to enter a title. This title should be a word that categorizes the Themes below it.

You can add as many as four categories of Themes, with as many as eight in each category. You do not need to fill in every row. If something is "greyed out," it will not be registered as a Theme. 

The yellow button deactivate-theme.png above each set allows you to show/hide each set in the flag box (below) so they don't all have to be visible at once if you don't want them to be.

When you've finished and saved, these Themes will appear in the flag box for your class.

Some example themes are visible on the main site.

Responses created and tagged with themes are filterable with the data clouds for the class.


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