Configuring the Reading List for a Group


This article describes how a group administrator can configure the reading list for his/her group. There is a separate article on adjusting your reading list sharing settings as a reader/student.

There is a short video about configuring the reading list here:




Based on suggestions from Ponder users over the years, the reading list is a set of resources that have proven useful to other readers, grouped by high-level topic areas. 

By clicking the green boxes to the left of either a single resource or a grouping, you can disable or re-enable any of the items. 

Any resources that are enabled (green) for a particular group will be visible to all of the group members in their reading list.

(You can add any other domain or URL you'd like using the Course Packet.)

Including resources on the reading list or course packet not only provides a handy linked source list, but also enables Ponder discussion visualizations for those resources.

While Ponder users can create micro-responses on any document they can browse to, the visualizations of their responses will only be visible to their group-mates on those documents contained within the reading list.

Further, reading activity (available on the instructor dashboard) will only be measured on documents listed on the reading list and enabled on a given individual user's corresponding reading list. (More on how users can manage the reading that they share with their groups.)

So, in order for the data in the Instructor Dashboard to be meaningful, you should consider which sites and documents you want students reading on regularly.



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