Teachers: How do I get started with Ponder?


To get started using Ponder with your class or a group of friends, you need to create a Ponder group and save it by creating a Ponder administrator account. (If you already have an account, follow the directions to configure a new class.)

If you have an existing Google Account, follow these steps, otherwise follow the steps below.

First, create a Ponder group.

Navigate to https://ponder.co. At the top right of the site, you will see the "Give it a spin!" form:

Click in the text field that reads "New Class" and give your class a name. Optionally, add your school or organization name and pick a high level subject area from the list or add a new one in the text box.

When you click submit, you will be taken to the group settings panel, where you can configure how the group works.


Next, save this group by creating a Ponder administrator account.

In the bottom right of the settings panel, click "Sign up to Save"

You will be prompted to provide an email address and provide a username and password.

Username's can contain letters, numbers, ._+- and @ only. No spaces! Once you create your account you can add your first and last name to your profile.

Once you create your account, this class will be saved, with your new account as the primary administrator. 

You're done! When you close the settings panel, you will be prompted to install the Ponder browser add-on so you can create your first micro-response!

You may be tempted to ask "How do I 'upload' a document into my class?"

When you are ready to begin planning more advanced implementation of Ponder, jump to our overview to learn more.


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