Ways to Use Ponder Across Your School or University


Working on text and video anywhere combined with theme and sentiment configurability, Ponder is very flexible. Teachers are always coming up with new ideas for lessons, and we're still working on how to help the community share with one another. In the meantime, teachers often ask us how other teachers are using it, so here are some ideas.


Assigned Reading

The most obvious way is for assigned class readings or videos. The instructor assigns the readings, the students "Ponder" on them, and the instructor uses their activity to help guide their lessons for the material. These can be on PDFs, resources from the school library, resources available through a proxy the student has access to - anything the student can browse to they can Ponder on. 


Self-Directed Reading

Another way is for instructors to encourage and then incorporate self-directed reading by students across recommended resources. Students are directed to research or explore their interests related to the class, and the instructor leverages the issues and ensuing discussions for a student-driven component of the class.



Many schools have small group advisories, where students can get advice and feedback, sometimes themed, from an instructor that's not necessarily explicitly tied to a syllabus, but with larger themes of the degree or program. This is more of a social reading and or degree/career guidance scenario, where students' and instructors' interests and questions surface from the content. Some are more explicit tutoring scenarios, for a given subject.


Professional Development

Many institutions use Ponder for other group/community scenarios - professional development, student groups, or a larger more pedagogical sort of social network for the community as a whole.


How are you using Ponder?

Share with us in the comments, or send us a question if you want help brainstorming.

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