Guide to Using Ponder in the Classroom: The Technology


If every student has his/her own computer... 

Students should remember their username and password, but so long as they see the Ponder icon in their browser, they're logged in. 

As students read sites listed in your Reading List, their reading habits will be tracked by the Ponder extension. You can visit your Instructor Dashboard to see the results. 

Shared Computer Classroom

  • First, create your class. 
  • Students must log in and log out at the beginning of their session with an individual computer.
  • To do so, go to or click the Ponder button.
  • Click "Log in!" at the top right
  • To log out, click the yellow cog at the top right of the screen to pull up a menu
  • Click "log out"

If students don't properly log in and log out, their flags and the data reported to you will be inaccurate. It is absolutely essential that students know to check that they are logged in before they start reading. 

iPad: Creating Accounts

If you are setting up Ponder on an iPad or iPhone, you will need to use a web browser on your iPad or another computer and visit to create a class using the "Set up a class!" form. More on creating a class. Once you have the class setup, you can invite students by having each student follow the student registration link (click "Invite Students") and registering for the class. Once they (and you) have a Ponder username and password, then you can login on the Ponder iOS app.



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