How is a reply different from a response?


We have a bit of a naming puzzle in Ponder currently. One of the main actions that a user takes is creating "micro reading responses" (MRR) where, as a reader, you are critiquing, commending, reacting to or asking questions about the text or video. 

However, an equally important part of Ponder is how your classmates or colleagues react to your to your reading responses. We call these "replies". 

Replies take three forms:

1. When your MRR prompts someone to read the article you created it on, we let you know about it. Because what you read passively isn't shared, you won't know who read it, but it's great to know you caught someone's interest.


2. When your MRR prompts someone to create an MRR against the same phrase, sentence or paragraph, we let you know who did and what their sentiment was.


3. Sometimes your MRR prompts someone to read the article and create an MRR somewhere else on that same article. We let you know about these as well - you may want to reply to their MRR.



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