How is my reading data used?


Once you install the Ponder browser add-on, Ponder will measure which documents you read and how long you spend reading them only for documents on the sites listed in your class Reading List.

That information will be used along with your classmates’ reading data to create an aggregate view of reading activity for the class. For example, above each response nugget in your activity feed, you will see a summary of reading activity.



Each class you are in has a separate reading list, each of which you can access in the settings panel. (Step-by-step)

Any responses that you create with Ponder for a specific group will be visible to the other members of the group, with your username associated with it.

Your group administrators will be able to see how many documents you read, how long you spend reading them, but not specifically which documents you read.

Learn more about how reading time is measured.

At any point you can stop sharing your reading by clicking "Logout" on the top right of your activity feed.

Outside of supporting your Ponder reading experience, Ponder uses this data to improve the quality of the underlying platform.

Additional details are available in our privacy policy.

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