Why are you changing your name from Parlor to Ponder?


Until the Summer of 2013, Ponder was known as Parlor - then we decided to change our name.

A company’s name is a one-word mission statement, and our mission is to build technology that encourages readers to respond more thoughtfully to what they consume. Technology has afforded us greater access to books, articles, and other written content than ever before. Yet, pundits frequently blame our high-tech economy for the decline of the humanities. Tech has certainly changed the way we read, at least; people consume and share online content without enough deliberation. At Ponder, we believe that a single well-considered thought is worth 1000 streams of consciousness so we strive to prove that technology can help, not hinder meaningful discourse. We need a tool that will help us make meaning out of all the content available to us, in school, with friends, with family, and at work. We need something to help us ponder.

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