Why is my Ponder button grayed out with a red "x"?


If your Ponder button looks like chrome-ponder-button-loggedout.png, then your Ponder client is logged out, and not sharing your reading. In this state you will not be able to create responses.


Try visiting your activity feed on Ponder, logging in if necessary.

If you are logged in and the button is still grey try clicking Logout, and then log back in. 

If the button is still grayed out, then try the following steps:

  1. Logout again.
  2. Uninstall Ponder completely.
  3. Restart your browser (either Chrome or Firefox)
  4. Visit https://ponder.co
  5. Confirm you have cookies turned on.
  6. Confirm your internet connection is working properly, and
  7. Login to Ponder

When you log in, follow the prompts to re-install:


And approve installation in your browser:


chrome-install-dialog.png  firefox-install-dialog-2.png

If the button is still grayed out with a red "x", then contact our support team for additional help



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