How do I Ponder videos?


(This article is about technically using Ponder on videos. Read more on creating an effective learning experience with Ponder video.)

Flipping your class, or simply have video content you'd like to be able assign for homework?

Try Ponder video!

  1. Browse to any video on or or...

    Browse to any .mp4 video on Dropbox by going to the "Share Link" for the file. 

  2. You will see the  purple48.png  in your browser turn into  video38.png - then Click it! 

    • Firefox users! make sure you have the View>>Toolbars>>Add-ons menu item checked.
    • If you're on youtube and don't see it you may need to turn on HTML5 on youtube here:
  3. Your video will open in a new tab with Ponder's new interface for video.

    • Video responses will also show up in your class feed.





Your video will be loaded into the Ponder video interface, and eventually once you and your Ponder-mates have spent some time with it, the video will look like the below example. (Turns out Ponder is useful for critiquing Seahawks plays too.)

Some key functional points:

  • The sentiments, themes and elaborations of the response box should look familiar - the only difference is that your response is tied to a time in the video instead of an excerpt from the text.
  • Each individual can also bookmark points in the video with a star, and jump between them with the forward and backward arrows. 
  • The "What?" button will take you back 10 seconds if you need a quick repeat.
  • The timeline displays tick marks for each response, and you can use them to navigate through the video by clicking on them.
  • The left response list is for your responses, and the right one is for everyone else. You can click these responses to navigate to the corresponding point in the video.



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