Ponder on PDFs on Dropbox


1. Go to the file list on Dropbox.com that shows the PDF. Details on using PDFs on Google Drive.




2. Click the file name to enter the preview mode. 


3. Click the "Share" button to visit the Share Link page.


4. Copy the link to the file and paste it into your browser - this is the document page

5. You will notice that on page the purple48.png button in your browser will change to  pdf38.png  Click it!

  • Firefox users! make sure you have the View>>Toolbars>>Add-ons menu item checked.


6. Your PDF will load in a new tab in the Ponder PDF Viewer. (See screenshot below)

  • If you want to share a link that will take someone directly to the file in the Ponder PDF Viewer, for example, to add it to your class course packet for easy access, you need to do a little URL surgery.
  • The link in the Ponder PDF viewer will look something like this: chrome-extension://kjnclckkljgkjkephofiphecmokenanp/https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/mcets758lz4xohi/Why_Microsoft_Arabic_Spell_checker_is_ineffective-RG-libre.pdf
  • You want to copy the part after the "chrome-extension://" which will be in the structure: http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/IDFORYOURFILE/FILENAME.pdf. Anyone who visits that link will go directly to the PDF, in the Ponder viewer.



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