What do the colors of the sentiments mean?


You may have noticed a yellow, green and pink coloring on the sentiments, and perhaps even noticed a pattern. The sentiments are divided into three different types:

  • the yellow color is for comprehension/cognition
  • the green colored ones are analytical and critical
  • the pink ones are more emotional sentiments - personal reactions



In the Ponder response box those colors are helpful for choosing what you are trying to say, but on a document that you are reading in your class, they become very helpful for navigating the tone of the reading responses other students have created. See the colors of the tick marks on the right of the article below, as well as the underlining within the article itself.



 The yellow eye icon (ponder-eyeball.png) on the top right of the page allows you to hide other readers' activities if you are finding them distracting.






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