How do I use the Instructor Dashboard and class roster?


The Ponder Dashboard is accessible under the yellow "data" tab on the top right of the feed. 


The dashboard lists key metrics for each member of a Ponder group, and is only accessible by the admins of that group. 


Utility buttons

The red "x" will close the dashboard.

The yellow arrow will slide the dashboard to the right so you can see the feed and the dashboard at the same time.

The "Copy Table" button will copy a tab-delimited table of data to your clipboard so you can paste it into another program.

The "Download" button will automatically download a CSV of the dashboard data.


The Table Data

The "Feed" button to the left of each student filters the activity feed for the class to only that student, so you can review their work.

Click anywhere else on a student's row, and you will expand the table to show reading activity over time.

Columns, in the order displayed below:

- The Username, Last Name, First Name and Student ID fields are self-explanatory.

- Time is the number of hours the students have been reading within the reading list of the class. How is reading measured?

- Articles is the number of documents that a student has spent time reading.

- Responses is a count of the number of micro-responses created.

- Replies is a count of the number of times the student has replied to other students' micro-responses.

- Long reads is a count of the number of Long Reads the student has done. 



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