Configuring the Course Packet for a Group


Course Packet allows you to extend Ponder's functionality to any website or document. Whether you want students to be reading your own website, blogs relevant to specific topics, or news outlets outside of the Ponder reading list, Course Packet gives you the flexibility to incorporate any web content you choose.

To use it, click "Create Course Packet" when you are on the "Reading List" tab.


Then, add the name and URL of the website you want to include in your customized Course Packet. We recommend using just the "" part of the URL so you can ensure that Ponder is enabled for the whole site. 

(If you would like to host specific files for your class (syllabi, lecture notes, presentation slides, research papers), your best bet is to turn them into PDFs and host them online somewhere convenient, for example with a free account from Google or Dropbox.

Finally, click "Preview" and if the links appear to be named correctly, click the green "Save" button at the bottom of the settings panel. 

Then click on each link to ensure that you are brought to the correct site. If you visit the site and the Ponder button turns solid purple, purple48.png you've successfully added the site. 





For information about the built-in list of reading resources, learn more about the Ponder Reading List.


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